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Hannah Clemenceau Dog Trainer

Hannah Clemenceau is a certified dog trainer who is specialised in behaviour and reeducation.


She is using only positive, friendly and modern reinforcement methods to elicit, motivate and change behaviours.


Why she decided to become a dog trainer?


When asked as a little girl what her career aspiraton was, she answered without any hesitation: " A vet!".


With the years passing she was then looking for something where she could establish a bigger complicity, a real exchange with the animals, something that would give her the opportunity to see the behaviour of animals progress.


As her love for dogs was always an evidence to her she finally decided to become a dog trainer.


She made her first experience at the "Monsieur Monty Club" in Nice with Nicolas Dubois thanks to whom she received her education in 2006.


Then she got her first puppy, Baloo, a Beauceron Labrador mix which she adopted at the "Lady Yule refugee" in Mougins which unfortunately does not exist anymore today.

(Baloo was her first own dog, and her first puppy, until then her family had owned only adult dogs.)


She started her career as a trainer and passed her BP dog training exam 2008 in St: Gervais d´Auvergne.


Holding in her hands the only diploma accepted by the agriculture minister, she decided to launch her own business in 2 years time after following another training in Paris (N. Cornier / T. Ruiz).


This is how she created in 2010 "The dog academy".

At the same time she got specialised in coaching, behaviour and education (Dr: Dehasse and C. Collignon).


It became essential to her to work with dogs respecting their physical and mental conditons, in order to stimulate them in a positive and friendly way, without punishment, to motivate them, communicate with them and transmit them her methods.


It is indispensable for Hannah to achieve year after year greater skills and knowledge and to progress regarding the education and behaviour of dogs through further training, workshops, seminars, reading and encounters with other professionals and of course thanks to her experience with the dogs she grew up with.


She is also a team member  of  the dog trainers of "Dog actors" since september 2010.


Furthermore she is supporting the french movement of dog trainers which is an engagement in developing only positive and friendly methods.


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